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  • China Tilapia prices are going up after the Chinese New Year holidaysChina Tilapia prices are going up after the Chinese New Year holidays2022/03/08 00:00The following content is my subjective opinion, for reference only: Tilapia Fish prices are going up. When the Chinese New Year just passed, in fact, the general Tilapia fish price was around 5.15 yua...
  • Tilapia production could drop by 40% in autumn monthsTilapia production could drop by 40% in autumn months2023/06/30 17:41This year's tilapia production may drop a lot. The amount of seedlings and feeds will be reduced. We predict that some months in the second half of the year may decrease by 40-50%
  • Fewer orders, lower prices... Aquatic product exports are facing difficultiesFewer orders, lower prices... Aquatic product exports are facing difficulties2023/07/11 17:00The export market is sluggish! In May, China total export of aquatic products decreased by 10.4%, and the export price of tilapia dropped by as much as US$0.6/lb! "Since the second half of last year, the export market of aquatic products has continued to decline. Especially after the Spring Festival, the downward trend of most exported aquatic products has become more obvious." Recently, said by an aquatic product company with export business.
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