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Specialized in Tilapia processing and exporting since 2006, Amyco Foods have rich experience in every aspect of tilapia farming, processing and exporting. With tilapia raised in pristine freshwater lakes, reservoirs and sandy ponds, there is no muddy off-flavor, but great taste and texture, safe and healthy! With the advantage of unpolluted environment and high quality products, we have developed significantly. Now we are one of the leading producers and suppliers of Frozen Seafoods in China.

Our main products include:
1) Frozen Tilapia Fillets, Tilapia Whole Gutted and Scaled, Tilapia Whole Round
2) Golden Pompano/Pomfret
3) Shrimp: cooked and raw PD, PDTO, HLSO
Our factory is EU approval, US FDA registered, and HACCP, BAP, BRC, ISO certified. We aim to supply our customers with the highest quality products at competitive price all year round. From raw material to finished products, we have experienced quality control team to inspect the products quality for every process step.

The team of Amyco focusing on profession and control the products quality strictly, the high quality and best service is the principle of Amyco team.

We are looking forward to cooperating with our friends worldwide to explore the good in future seafood business.

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