Golden pompano has reached its highest price in nearly five years

Jun 09, 2023 Golden PompanoGolden PomfretFishSeafoodChina Seafood

When special fish such as California sea bass and raw fish fell below the cost price, golden pompano came out of a rare market. On March 30, there was good news of a steady rise in various production areas. The highest price was 25~26 CNY/500g , reaching the highest price in the past five years. There is a shortage of overwintering fish, and the stock is only 50% of the previous year. The stocked fish is smaller than that of the same period, and the high price will stabilize in the future market.

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It is reported that at present, the frozen price of 500g of golden pompano in production areas such as Zhanjiang and Yangjiang in Guangdong has reached 24 CNY/500g, and the live fresh price has reached 25-26 CNY/500g. The quotations in Guangxi and Hainan both remain at 23-25 CNY/500g. Compared with the price of 12-13 CNY/500g in March last year, the price increase in this round has almost doubled. The price and cost of overwintering golden pompano is 12-13 CNY/500g. In other words, current farmers can earn 10-12 CNY/500g for every 500g of fish they sell.

"The market is very good, and farmers can only look at the price and sigh, because there are no fish in the cages." Chen Zhi, the regional market director of a feed company in Zhanjiang, said that the large decrease in fish stocks in the market is the main reason for the rise in the market. Taking Liusha and Xuwen production areas as examples, there are about 10 million fish in stock at present, which is 50% less than in previous years. The shortage of stocked fish is exactly the same in production areas such as Yangjiang and Qinzhou in Guangxi.

In addition, some farmers in the Yangjiang area reported that the stock of fish in Yangjiang area has decreased significantly. On the one hand, the typhoon last year caused the harvest of the stocked fish to be lost. Lin Wei, a farmer in Xuwen, believes that the overall survival rate of breeding last year was low, and the loss during the winter was high. In addition, the temperature affected the feeding of stored fish, and the stocked fish varied greatly. Most farmers chose to wait and see.


It is reported that at present, the fish stocks in various production areas are mostly concentrated at 200-300g/fish, and the larger size is 350g/fish. According to the market specification of 500-600g/fish, it still takes 2~3 months for the fish to grow before reaching the marketing standard. The market will basically maintain a high price when the standard fish is out of stock for a long time.


In the longer term, it will take longer than expected for the new round of farmed fish to be supplied to the market. According to sources in the Hainan golden pompano seedling industry, the price of early batch seedlings is running at a high level, reaching 1.4~1.7 yuan/fish, which is nearly double compared with 0.7~0.9 yuan/fish in previous years. The price of the early batch of seedlings is too high, and the farmers who originally planned to invest in the early seedlings continue to wait and see.

According to the supply rhythm of golden pompano seedlings, early batch seedlings are produced in Hainan from February to mid-April, mid-batch seedlings are produced in Guangdong from March to mid-May, and late batch seedlings are produced in Fujian from April to mid-June. As of mid-to-late March, the supply and release of early batch seedlings has been relatively delayed, and the temperature is unstable. Farmers need to drop seedlings after the price drops and the temperature stabilizes, which is at least half a month later than in previous years. As the weather stabilizes and the water temperature rises, the survival rate of fish fry will increase, and the enthusiasm of the market for seedlings will keep up. Next year, there is a high probability that the launch of new fish will be delayed.

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